I Saw An Ant On The Railroad Track

If an eastbound ant walks TICKETY-TACK
Towards a westbound train going CLICKETY-CLACK
Will the story end with a terrible a SMACK?
Get it and find out!
"Rhythmically perfect"
--Ilene Cooper, Booklist
(February 2006)
Available at all Barnes & Noble Bookstores and many independent booksellers nationwide.

The Story

One bright spring morning, Josh Prince found himself on a train platform waiting for his usual train to New York City. He was gazing about, listening for the whisper of metal wheels to announce a coming train, when his eye caught a tiny movement on the track. It was a little black ant on the sunny rail, walking briskly East on the Westbound track (the "New York-bound side," in commuter-speak).

As the train's headlight blinked into view, the ant walked on, untroubled (or unaware) of the coming danger. Ant versus train? Train versus ant? It seemed like such an unfair match! Who would save him? How would it end?

When the train pulled into the station, Josh sat down on his favorite seat and began to write. I Saw An Ant On The Railroad Track is the result.

(The ant, by the way, stepped off the track!)